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Zeppelin vs. IPython notebook(Jupyter)

Looking for cmparison matrix for Zeppelin vs IPython notebook(Jupyter)


+ Security

+ Requirements (python libs, os, ....)

+ Export/Import/Save options

+ data connectors (file, db, hdfs,...)

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Sorry don't have anything ready, but sounds like a good idea to make this. What criteria are we looking to compare by?

@Ofer Mendelevith

Why are we not including IPython in HDP stack?

Actually, we have an unofficial Ambari service for IPython =>

@Jonas Straub I have used it and it's very helpful but question can come

Why did we decide to make Zeppelin part of TP? Why not IPython?

I guess one of the reasons is the fact that Ipython is not an Apache project and doesnt support Scala code. The distribution of Ipython is huge though ( 200K notebooks on github)

+ Security

+ Requirements (python libs, os, ....)

+ Export/Import/Save options

+ data connectors (file, db, hdfs,...)

There is some interesting information in this mail thread

"I'm one of committers of Apache Zeppelin (incubating). Zeppelin is inspired by iPython notebook and many other amazing softwares that has notebook interface.

I know iPython notebook has long history and large community, i really like it. Zeppelin is young, new project compare to iPython notebook.

Zeppelin and iPython notebook, they are opensource. iPython notebook is lead by IPython Development Team. Zeppelin is under Apache Software Foundation and it is being developed in Apache way, from copyrights, development process, decision making process to community development.

Zeppelin is focusing on providing analytical environment on top of Hadoop eco-system. I'm not sure about iPython's direction, but i don't think it's the same to Zeppelin.

I see many projects that has notebook interface. Not only iPython and Zeppelin, but also Databricks Cloud, Spark Notebook, Beaker and many others. I'm sure they all have their own advantages. Hope see all softwares are beloved by users."

@Jonas Straub

Thanks for sharing it. I did read it. I am sure once Zeppelin is part of HDP then customers may raise the same question

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