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can't open working page after login with certificate

Access Granted: Certificate authenticated. home 
This is what I see when I login with certificate. After pushing home button it redirects me again to login page. I have checked the logs couldn't find any error in server generated fils. Can anyone help me to troubleshoot it?

Community Manager

@armensano, if this is an issue with certification, your best course of action is to email The certification team will then look into the incident and reply to you directly.




Vidya Sargur,
Community Manager

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Expert Contributor

Thank you @VidyaSargur.


If the user contacts our Certification Team, just like you kindly mentioned - thank you for that too - we will be able to further investigate and suggest options.





There is not need already, thank you for support!


I had to reinstall the nifi (for other problem) and this problem disappeared. Thank you for advice!

Expert Contributor

Great, thanks for letting us know!

Master Guru


Just to make sure we are clear on your ask here.

You have a secured NiFi and NiFi-Registry installation that uses user/client certificates to authenticate your user via the mutual TLS handshake?

If that is the case, you should not be seeing a NiFi/NiFi-registry login window.

Can you share screenshots?
What do you see in the nifi-user.log when you attempt to access NiFi?