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can we change transactional'='false' from transactional'='true' in TBLPROPERTIES hive


I am not able to perform any hive operation like select count on one table and getting following error.

Error: Error while compiling statement: FAILED: SemanticException [Error 10265]: This command is not allowed on an ACID table sample_table with a non-ACID transaction manager. Failed command: null (state=42000,code=10265)

When I check table properties then I saw transactional'='true' set to true so can someone please help me to resolve it.


New Contributor

According to the documentation the Hive table property "transactional" cannot be set to 'false' once you set it to 'true'.

The solution I found is to re-create the table without that property.

Before re-creating the table be aware that "DROP TABLE <table_name>" will erase both Hive metadata and HDFS data, so you have to back up your data first.