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cdh Kudu tablet servers failed to start

Log line format: [IWEF]mmdd hh:mm:ss.uuuuuu threadid file:line] msg
F0622 15:05:53.346618 37219] Check failed: _s.ok() Bad status: IO error: Failed to load FS layout: Could not lock /kudu/fs_data/data/block_manager_instance: Could not lock /kudu/fs_data/data/block_manager_instance: lock /kudu/fs_data/data/block_manager_instance: Resource temporarily unavailable (error 11)


That error generally means that there may be another Kudu node already running using that directory. Do you perhaps have both a Kudu master and tablet server running on that machine? If so, you'll need to change your configurations so your directories don't overlap.

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