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commands is not working

New Contributor

I am taking the big data course using Cloudera,

I am not able to perform and command, for example:

running any command 

I am getting the below message:

 bash: 'command': command not found


please help



Hi @AnasF 


Whose course on big data are you taking? Can you supply a link here to the webpage describing the course and who is offering it?


When you write that the course is "using Cloudera", what do you mean? Did the instructor give you specific directions on downloading a specific software package and if so, which one? Can you share a link to a site describing what specific software the course is using? What operating system did you install said software on, and whose instructions did you follow to install it?


What command are you attempting to use and why? The bash shell has a built-in command named 'command', so the message you included above is probably not enough for any members of the Cloudera community inclined to answer your question to offer a helpful response.



Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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