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create processerror=193 %1 is not a valid win32 application


I am trying to execute a python script in executestreamcommand processor. The script takes the flowfile via STDIN and writes to ADLS. When I configured and run the processors, I am getting the create processerror = 193 error. Google search sows that the script has to be executed as a ShellExecute. I dont get what it is. Can anyone provide me that command I should pass in the commandarguments property of the executestreamcommand processor. Thanks for the help.


Super Collaborator

How do you initialize/load the Azure libs? Maybe you will have to configure the workdir in your processor as well? Do you have any error log?

Anyway it might be a good idea to close this issue (by accepting one answer) and create a new post with the next issue your are facing (your script seems to not connect correctly).