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hdfs replication progress tracking

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Is there a command to track progress on hdfs replication?

After changing replication factor from 1 to 3, i need to track progress on how long it is going to take. I need to either track progress or ideally - retrieve info how long did it take (post factum). This is to help optimize certain configurations so the testing/process will have to be repeated several times and perf metrics compared.



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@Anna Skobodzinski

In HDFS, the blocks of the files are distributed among the datanodes as per the replication factor.

If the Replication Factor is 1 then it means only on one DataNode the Data will be stored.

Whenever you add a new datanode, the new datanodes will also start receiving and storing the blocks of the *New Files*.

So just changing the replication factor will not cause rebalancing the cluster. Although the new files will be replicated based on the replication factor.

What is HDFS Rebalancer?

The HDFS Balancer is a tool for balancing the data across the storage devices of a HDFS cluster. The HDFS balancer moves blocks until the cluster is deemed to be balanced, which means that the utilization of every DataNode (ratio of used space on the node to total capacity of the node) differs from the utilization of the cluster (ratio of used space on the cluster to total capacity of the cluster) by no more than a given threshold percentage.

The HDFS Rebalance operation can be either triggered via Ambari UI or via Command line:

Ambari UI --> HDFS --> Actions (Drop down) --> Rebalance HDFS (Enter) 
then specify the "Balancer threshold (percentage of disk capacity)"

Via Command line is described here:

You can check the "" to see if it is going on (existing or not)?

# su - hdfs -c "hdfs dfs -cat /system/"

Also you can check the "dfsadmin" report to find out the progress.

# hdfs dfsadmin -report > before_dfsadmin.log 


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