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hdp search installation

I have a smalll dev cluster with 5 nodes (2 masters and 3 slaves). I want to install solr (hdp search) in the cluster.

Which all nodes should i install solr (hdp search). Is there any document where i can refer the configuration inforamation.


HDP Search should be deployed on each node that runs HDFS. The HDP Search package is available as an RPM, located in the HDP-Utils repository.

Seems to be Link is not working , Can you please validate it.

Put the Solr instances on the slave/Datanodes.

In regards to configuration, see this although its focused on securing Solr with Kerberos and Ranger, there is also a small section about the installation.

Thanks @Jonas Straub. the information you provided was extremely useful. As of now i am going to setup the solrcloud on a HDP cluster without kerberos. I followed your steps and it worked fine.

Is HDP search and solr on yarn both different.? Any clarity would be great.

Hi @Jonas Straub, i have a question regarding the HDP search installation. Since we are using the machines running datanodes to host the Solr instances. how do we control resources used by solr, so that the cluster resources are not dominated by solr alone. There are lot more other stuff running on the slave nodes. I guess we can't do the resource management with yarn for this case. I guess this would be a common usecase for most of them using solr with hadoop

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If your index is of any significant size or has much of a load on it, I would recommend you install it on separate nodes.