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how i extract attribute from json file using nifi

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I use gethttp processor to stream data using http request, so I need to get attribute from file json that I get from the first request and use it for another request, how I can do this with the existing nife processor.any help is appreciated



@nejm hadj You can parse a JSON with the EvaluateJsonPath processor. You will need to make sure that the information that your getHTTP processor outputs is strictly JSON, then feed it into EvaluateJsonPath. From there, you can reference the fields in the JSON and forward them on to other processors.

Twitter_Dashboard.xml is a Twitter processing template that has a good example of evaluating JSON files in it. Import the template into your NiFi dashboard then instantiate it to check out the EvaluateJsonPath processor to see how it's done:

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hi is there any way to extract the attributes without nifi ! i mean , i need to extract an attribute from a collection of tweet i already have !

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Hi, We have extracted the required fields from Json file as below.

It is not with only one processor. It is with two processors.

1. EvaluateJsonPath : What ever the configurations above mentioned are correct. This processor will validate whether this field exists or not. If not, then it will show that filed value as null.

2. AttributesToJSON : In the Attributes list property, give what ever the fields you want to pull (with comma separated) from the fields added in the EvaluateJsonPath processor.

[say you have added field1 to 6 in EvaluateJsonPath and then you want only field 1,3,4. Then give field1,field3,field4 in the Attributes list in the AttributesToJSON processor.]

Hope this helps you.


Hello, I have a json flow file as follows:



I used: EvaluateJsonPath:


But the result is: < Empty string set>


Thanks for your help and guide.

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You are using an array, this is why you got null values. You have 2 options:

  1. Change the expressions to $[0].ARRIVAL_DATE and $[0].BOOK_ID, and it will work
  2. Read the file and split the array using the SplitJson processor - set JsonPath expression to: $, and connect the SplitJson processor to your EvaluateJsonPath processor and it should work.