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how to access /user/hue/ directory using putty?


So far i have created a directory called certification_tutorials through hue browser in my local sandbox and this is my path "/user/hue/certification_tutorials" when i try to access the same directory through putty it is always showing No such file or directories.i could not find the above directory when i use ls command. when i am trying to find i could.

my present working directory is : /root

i am able to redirected to /home directory after that i am not able to enter into /user/ directory

please anyone help me on how to access "/user/hue/certification_tutorials" using putty.

Thanks in advance


Master Guru
@manikandan ayyasamy

/user/hue directory is on HDFS not on local file system, that's the reason you are not able to directly 'cd' to it.

Please try below command(as hue or hdfs user)

hadoop fs -ls /user/hue

  1. "hadoop fs -ls /user/hue" it is working and able to see the list of directories but how to enter into this directory by using 'cd'?


You cannot cd into HDFS folders, Try creating a NFS Gateway for your HDFS and you can cd into those directory! After creating a NFS Gateway, run this command : mount -t nfs -o vers=3,proto=tcp,nolock <ip addr>:/ /data/hadoop/hdfs/