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Cloudera Employee

1. Prerequisites

  • Install Ranger
  • Install Knox
  • Test in lower environments
  • Inform stakeholders or plan for short outage as few services requires a restart
  • Identify the IP addresses and users to allow access

2. Enable Knox-Ranger Plugin in Ambari

  1. Login to Ambari > select Ranger > configs > Ranger Plugin
  2. Enable Knox Plugin by clicking the “off” button, and restart the required services Ambari suggests

3. Create a Knox Policy for Hive

After enabling the Knox Plugin for Ranger in Ambari, Knox policy should be automatically displayed in Ranger.

  1. Select the Knox Policy
  2. Add a new policy, if not exists
  3. Grant groups/users access to required IP address

4. Connections Test

Below are the IPs I considered for testing


Test Cases:

  • Allow connections through any IPs for the group “sales”
  • Allow only connection access through IP range for group “sales”

Case 1: Allow connections through Knox → Hive for any IPs for the group “sales”

Test connection from both the IPs for user Sales1 in group “Sales” and connections are successful

Case 2: Allow connections through Knox → Hive only for IPs range 172.25.40.*for the group “sales”

Note: * works as a wild card in Ranger

Few points to consider:

  • Specific IPs can be mentioned
  • Use wildcard (*) for ranges
  • Users part of the group, but not connecting from that IP range mentioned will face Authorization error
  • Users outside of the group, but connecting from that IP range mentioned will face Authorization error

5. Access Granularity suggestions

  • Hortonworks recommends applying group-level restrictions instead of individual users
  • For table-level restrictions, please follow the instructions in the link

We can customize Ranger Polices with Dynamic Context; the following article explains in detail the steps:

Customizing Ranger Policies with Dynamic Context

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