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how to check hive meta store db's password?


how to check hive meta store db's password?

New Contributor

I am using CM 5.14.2, and from hive's configuration page, i can see the value for javax.jdo.option.ConnectionUserName, which is used to access the underneath metastore db like mysql, but i can't see the value of javax.jdo.option.ConnectionPassword (which is display as **** in the page).

i have forgotten the password used to access hive metastore db. Is there any way to find it back?


Re: how to check hive meta store db's password?

Master Collaborator

@michaelli Not from the UI.  You will need to go back to the actual metastore server and see the command(s) to create the hive user. If it’s a MySQL metastore it’s easy to go to MySQL prompt and arrow up to see previously executed commands with the hive user and password.  



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Re: how to check hive meta store db's password?

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You can use the CM API to fetch the service configurations by executing below command from terminal


# curl -u admin_uname:admin_pass "http://cm_server_host:7180/api/v19/cm/deployment"

The password should be present under the name : 




Hope this helps,


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