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how to connect sqoop hive/Impala tables?


I have two questions. To get data from Hive/Impala table into MySQL table

1. IF I have to connect to hive/Impala tables, from MySQL installed server, where there is no hadoop ecosystem set, is there a way to connect and import or export data from hive/Impala into MYSQL database through Sqoop.?

2. If there is a new server, with no connectors to MySQL and Hadoop. what are the requirement  for the connection to setup if hive is on one server and MySQL is on another server. how to import data from hive to MYSQL?

Please help me with these. Its urgent please. 

Thank you


Expert Contributor

Hello @Sample 


If we don't have hadoop ecosystem, hive and impala would not exist in first place.


If you have hive on one side(basically hadoop ecosystem) and mysql on other end. Now if you want to import data into hive from mysql, you will have to make use of sqoop to perform the same and vice-versa.


Let me know if the above answers all your questions.



okay got it thank you....!


So, here I need to export data from hive/impala into RDBMS table.


Can I export data into MySQL table which have already have some records, previously.. will the export delete the existing data in the MYSQL table?


We are planning to export 1 year data from impala to MySQL table. Can you please help with suggestion.


Thank You