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impala connection issue


There is a connection issue between MSTR (BI Tool) and imapala. 



[Cloudera][DriverSupport] (1110) Unexpected response received from server. Please ensure the server host and port specified for the connection are correct and confirm if SSL should be enabled for the connection.


Any suggestions?




Several reasons can cause this error.  Check your ODBC settings and application/ODBC driver versions. For example, if one side is keberized/SSL enabled but another side isn't, or a 32bit application runs against 64bit ODBC driver, you can see this kind of error. If all look good, you need to check Impala ODBC Driver logs to find more details.


Thanks will look into it.


There are sql failures on Monday's and Wednesday's afternoon. Because  of lot of MSTR (BI Tool) subscriptions are sent to impala and few of them fail. Can you tell me how to fix this issue.

Let me know what all information you need?




Usually, I would inspect the profiles of failed queries to get rough ideas, then determine which logs I should check next. If you have a contract with Cloudera, it's worth to file a ticket. Cloudera Support will help you troubleshoot step by step.


I cannot create a ticket as I do not have permission.

Is there any way I can reach out to support?




If you have a support contract with Cloudera, you can contact us via details at the following link under ‘How can I contact support?’ and we will be happy to assist:

If you do not yet have a support contract with Cloudera, you would need to first speak with a sales representative in order to contract with support via the following link: