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impala has invalid file metadata

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imapla 3.2.0-CDH6.2.1


the below errors happened every day,  i also find some similar issue on  it seems a bug .




here is some issue list :


it seems this issue also happened on Impala3.3, not juse impala 3.2, but it's fixed in 3.3.


so, Cloudera support, how to fix this issue on imapla-3.2( CDH6.2.1), this issue is so critical cause many users encounter this issue and ask me what's happening, and i just can tell them this is a bug and i can't do anything.


may i ask another question ? if Impala3.2 can't resolve this issue ,may i update imapla 3,2 to impala 3.3 , i mean i don't update Cloudera Manager  and CDH other components , just update impala .


i hope Cloudera Supporter can give me advises , thank you very much .



I updated the JIRA to include workarounds, just FYI. 

View solution in original post



This generally happens when overwriting files in-place where Impala is still trying to read a cached version of the file. E.g. insert overwrite in Hive. So you can often avoid the problem if you can avoid doing that.


Otherwise doing a REFRESH of the table should resolve it.

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i have found your workaround in JIRA, and will try. as you have mentioned REFRESH should resolve this issue, but actually it can't resolve, even i use "INVALIDATE METADATA" . that's why i open this session. anyway, thanks your solution.

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after set the parameter "-max_cached_file_handles=0 " as your workaround shows me, I got another issue, it's agent heartbeat timeout.

the ticket URL as below:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>


 My CDH env has been online more than half year, agent heartbeat timeout has never been happened, but after comparing the date of setting  the impala parameter and agent  heartbeat issue date , it seems there are connection, but I am not sure .




what I mean is the agent heartbeat timeout issue happened after I set the impala parameter "-max_cached_file_handles=0 ".


is that impossible ?


I updated the JIRA to include workarounds, just FYI. 


Also if you have a support contract with Cloudera, this is something they can help you with in more detail through that channel, we've successfully resolved this for customers before.

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this issue can be sure has been resolved by your workaround, thanks

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@iamfromsky If your issue ahas been resolved, can you please accept the appropriate reply as the solution so it will be easier for others in a similar situation to find in the future?


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