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IMPALAD_QUERY_MONITORING_STATUS 的运行状况测试结果良好:在前 5 分钟内看到监控执行查询的 0 个错误,看到监控此角色已完成查询的 0 个错误。
IMPALA_IMPALADS_HEALTHY 的运行状况结果良好:Healthy Impala Daemon:5。关于Impala Daemon:0。总Impala Daemon:5。健康测试:100.00%。健康或关注:100.00%。

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English Translation: 

IMPALAD_QUERY_MONITORING_STATUS has a good health test result: in the first 5 minutes, I saw 0 errors in the monitoring execution of the query and 0 errors in the monitoring that this role has completed the query.

The result of IMPALA_IMPALADS_HEALTHY is good: Healthy Impala Daemon: 5. About Impala Daemon: 0. Total Impala Daemon: 5. Health test: 100.00%. Health or concern: 100.00%.

How to solve and locate the problem? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


Vidya Sargur,
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