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I am running a SPARK JDBC process to extract data from Teradata. The target files are written into HDFS as ORC. I use the jdbcDF.write.format("orc").save(file) to save files onto HDFS. I run 8 parallel threads using different where clauses on the same table. Most of the times the process succeeds and some times 4-5 out of 8 parallel threads fail with the above error. But still the files are committed into HDFS and the counts match with source. However the temporary files renaming says failed but a permanent file is created and _SUCCESS file is not present in these failed target folders.


What's the full stack?

If the job doesn't create a _SUCCESS file then the overall job failed. A destination directory will have been created, because job attempts are created underneath it. When tasks and jobs are committed they rename things...if there's a failure in any of those operations then something has gone wrong.

Like said, post the stack trace and I'll try to make sense of it

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Hi Stevel,

I am also facing the same issue, I run 5 parallel threads which will write the records in the same table (inside HDFS) concurrently using java spark sql. PFA the full

Thanks in advance.


HI Stevel,

The same issue i am also facing , while multiple threads trying to write the records in the same table(inside HDFS ) using java Spark Sql, getting the same error.

Thanks in advance.


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