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merging different schema avro files

New Contributor

mergecontent.pngI am having 4 avro files. 2 files of Schema1 and other 2 of schema2.i want to merge this into 1 file in NIFI. Using mergecontent, it will merging only 2 files not all 4. Can you please help.(This is batch job and schema changes frequently.)


@Gayathri, I am not sure about your complete requirement. But, the MergeContent processor is used only when you have to merge the file contents which you have split up-steam using SplitContent processor.

I can suggest you with some workarounds,

1. You may have a common filename for files which follow specific schema

2. Write the file into a local file system using PutFile or into Hadoop using PutHDFS processors

3. Select 'Conflict Resolution Strategy' property to 'Append' when you write the file to disk

Hope this helps.