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minifi.exe is not a valid Win32 application error in Windows XP OS?

New Contributor

MiNiFi cpp 32bit version for windows xp was build from the system windows 10, 7 operating system, but when I try to run the minifi.exe file it gives me the error as the not a valid Win32 application in windows xp OS. The same minifi.exe is running in windows 7 and 10 in 32bit program x86 folder successfully.


The error is not a valid win32bit application: minifi.exe. And there is no possibility for building minifi.exe in windows xp as it is old and outdated.


Any one know is minifi cpp agen works in the windows XP OS? Please do help if any idea on this.



@sunil94 What version of the MiNiFi cpp agent are you testing?

New Contributor

I was working with mini i cpp 0.7.0 version for windows system. I have tried building the minifi.exe which is compatible with the widows xp os, but was unsuccessful has the minifi cpp source files were built using the new windows 10 OS libraries. As some on the dll libraries in the cpp agent uses the dlls files present in the newer windows version example "initonceexecuteonce" from kernel32.dll.. which is a windows core os file which cannot be modified further. So the plan of minifi cpp execution on windows xp platform was dropped and used the minifi java for my implmentation.