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Need help to install cloudera quick start vm / docker image for CDH 6

New Contributor


I would like to install cloudera quick start VM / docker image for cdh 6 to prepare CCA-175 certification. But i'm unable to find the downloads for the same. Can you please help me where can i find the downloads or any other options for the same. Please suggest.





Hi @Ramalinga 

This is a frequently-asked question, and I think some clarification is in order. Cloudera never had a version of the Cloudera Quickstart VM based on CDH 6 publicly available.


The last publicly available version of the Cloudera Quickstart VM was based on CDH 5.13, which was old, outdated and in fact that version of CDH went out of support in the Fall of last year. Cloudera has never officially supported the QuickStart VM. The Cloudera Quickstart VM hasn't been available for download from Cloudera's website for some time now.


As far as preparing for the CCA-175 certification, Cloudera certification has never publicly provided any training VM for free download, as based on each exam's recommendation, Cloudera suggests users attend the offered Cloudera training courses (virtual or OnDemand) as preparation for exams. And of course, the exercise environments used in Cloudera classes are based on a much more up-to-date version of Cloudera's data platform than the last version of the QuickStart VM.


As far as a docker image, if you really must have a CDH-based image…well, I haven't looked at it recently, but as mentioned in this thread, you can try downloading a docker image of CDH from docker hub which, last time I checked, was still available publicly on or simply run the below command to download this on docker enabled system:

docker pull cloudera/quickstart

According to the tags applied to the distribution available on docker hub, the last update was five (5) years ago. You might want to consider that before installing it.


If you're looking for a current data platform to install on premises, you can currently do so without a preexisting Cloudera subscription by downloading the Trial Version of CDP Private Cloud Base Edition of Cloudera Data Platform.



Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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