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HDP2.3 Installation on Single Node CentOS

In this step we will start creating the HDP Compute Cluster. We will create VM with CentOS 6.7. Deploy HDP 2.3 with Ambari 2.1 on a single node.

In the second part you will create a Docker instance and make it a Datanode to the existing instance in the same VM.

The tutorial is to show how easy it is use docker and create a multi node instance.


Have Fun!


I read the 2nd link and couldn't find DockerFIle. Did I miss something?

I just wanted to compare with mine to improve...

Rising Star

Hi guys,

thanks so much for what a great tutorial @Shivaji Dutta I have been trying to recreate your tutorial but with Centos7 so, guys I have a problem creating the docker image with Centos7 actually because your script fails in the steps to start the services as ssh and the other stuff. I share with you the file to create the docker image and I hope you can give me a hand to run it.

@Vincent Jiang

@Hajime dockerfile.txt

Thanks so much

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