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nifi api run-status

nifi api run-status

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I'm trying to clear the state of a processor (listFTP) to get all files.
so I used the REST API like

stop = requests.put("{}/processors/{}/run-status".format(nifi_api,processor_id),
                    data= {"state": "STOPPED"},
                    headers={'Authorization':'Bearer {}'.format(token), 


I got 404 error: The specified resource could not be found.

Any help please?
Thank you


Re: nifi api run-status

Expert Contributor

This can likely not be resolved without much more detail, so it may be good to log a support ticket for this.


The first thing that comes to mind:

Are you able to use the rest API at all, does your request reach the node or is there possibly a problem in getting the request there (Firewall, hostname, typo).

- Dennis Jaheruddin

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