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nifi api run-status

New Contributor


I'm trying to clear the state of a processor (listFTP) to get all files.
so I used the REST API like

stop = requests.put("{}/processors/{}/run-status".format(nifi_api,processor_id),
                    data= {"state": "STOPPED"},
                    headers={'Authorization':'Bearer {}'.format(token), 


I got 404 error: The specified resource could not be found.

Any help please?
Thank you


Super Collaborator

This can likely not be resolved without much more detail, so it may be good to log a support ticket for this.


The first thing that comes to mind:

Are you able to use the rest API at all, does your request reach the node or is there possibly a problem in getting the request there (Firewall, hostname, typo).

- Dennis Jaheruddin

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