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node manager going down continuously when i start it is starting but after some time it is again going down please help me



i have setup 7 node cluster on google cloud.3 masters(m1,m2,m3),3 worker(w1,w2,w3),1 edge node(e1).

i have instaled 3 data nodes and 3 node managers in 3 worker node(w1,w2,w3).

in (w2) worker node the node manager is going down continuously.when it was in stop mode i am able to start it.

but after some time the node manager is going down.

please help to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance


Expert Contributor

Hi @pavan p

Could you please check/tail the nodemanager log on worker node (w2) when you start it and see if you are getting any ERROR or WARN message in it.


@pavan p

Can you check the latest logs in /var/log/hadoop-yarn/yarn especially


Please revert

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Log (yarn-yarn-nodemanager-vlcapondotapp01.log) contents shown - how to fix?

FATAL nodemanager.NodeManager ( - Error starting NodeManager org.apache.hadoop.service.ServiceStateException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

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Hi, I'm facing same issue. Have there any luck?