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oozie sqoop action hangs at 95%

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Re: oozie sqoop action hangs at 95%

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Ok we have resolved our issues, it was a combination of three things; @antin leszczyszyn and @Artem Ervits put me on the right road, I will document how we solved the issues in the hopes that it helps someone else.

1. As Antin pointed out we had a user issue our group had installed apache ranger which changed the hadoop users and


2. As Artem pointed out in the link to his tutorial we needed to create a lib folder in the folder that we are running our workflow from and add the jdbc.jar file and add the hive-site.xml and tez-site.xml .

3. When trying to trouble shoot this problem we had changed the scheduler to the fair version, we changed it back to

capacity scheduler and changed maximum-am-resource-percent=0.2 to 0.6

Thanks for the help

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Re: oozie sqoop action hangs at 95%

You are welcome, glad you've got it sorted.