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parquet snappy file loading into hive

New Contributor

I transfered parquet file with snappy compression from cloudera system to hortonworks system.

I want to load this file into Hive

path /test/kpi

Command using from Hive 2.0

CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE tbl_test like PARQUET '/test/kpi/part-r-00000-0c9d846a-c636-435d-990f-96f06af19cee.snappy.parquet' STORED AS PARQUET LOCATION '/test/kpi';

ERROR: × org.apache.hive.service.cli.HiveSQLException:

Error while compiling statement: FAILED: ParseException line 1:44 cannot recognize input near 'PARQUET' ''/test/kpi/part-r-00000-0c9d846a-c636-435d-990f-96f06af19cee.snappy.parquet'' 'STORED' in table name


Hi @avinash midatani. I suspect the "LIKE PARQUET..." syntax is only valid in Impala.

Your CREATE TABLE SYNTAX might have to look more like this (with explicit column definitions and without the "LIKE PARQUET" block):

CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE tbl_test (col1 datatype1, col2 datatype2, ..., coln datatype3) 
LOCATION '/test/kpi'; 

I hope this helps.

New Contributor

Thanks @bpreachuk for the update.

I am looking at a solution, which should automatically create table structure in Hive based on parquet files from cloudera.

I.e I want a solution in Hortonworks which can perform like Impala

Hi @avinash midatani. As mentioned in that other HCC post - this capability is not in Hive yet. The JIRA tracking the request is found here:

The Spark code from @Alexander Bij found in the HCC post accomplishes that functionality - creating the Hive table structure automatically based on parquet file metadata.


Glad to hear this is still a useful workaround 🙂

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