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run-status nifi


Hello everyone


I follow this guide


and I want to run-status specific process  

So how Can I do it and how to call the API 


thank you 



Master Collaborator

@Saraali ,


To call the API, the first thing you need is the processor UUID, which you can find in the UI:


With the processor UUID, I can call the process API endpoints. For example, to get details about the processor I can do a GET on the /processor/{id} enpoint:

$ curl ""
"revision": {
"clientId": "f52573c3-017e-1000-62a7-8b0be35e3b2e",
"version": 6
"id": "f525c671-017e-1000-ffff-ffffa16ab615",
"uri": "",
"position": {
"x": 384,
"y": 176

To make modifications to the processor we have to pass the revision information retrieved in the command above. So, for example, to call run-status to stop the processor I can execute the following command, using the revision from the previous output:

$ curl \
-X PUT \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{"state": "STOPPED","revision":{"clientId":"f52573c3-017e-1000-62a7-8b0be35e3b2e","version":6}}' \




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Community Manager

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Cy Jervis, Manager, Community Program
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