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show tables not showing in beeline


Hi All,


We have replicated hive tables from CDH TO CDP through hive replication policy(BDR).

we did not see those tables when we connect to beeline and run show tables;also in hue as well.

but we are able to run select * from table and also we can see these tables in ranger .



Can anyone help me on this issue?




Srini Podili


Expert Contributor

Are you not able to connect to hiveserver2 from beelne ?


You are not able to view tables in the databases?

Please provide a screenshot and also the beeline trace and url.




I am wondering whether your Ranger policies are also in place.  Please explicitly give the correct permissions to the group/user in Ranger as the beeline authorization depends now on Ranger 🙂



Happy hadooping. 

Rising Star

Hi @srinivasp 


I believe you are missing SELECT and LIST privilege for the table in ranger for the user.

Can you try to list the tables using Hive user from beeline and check whether you are seeing the same problem?