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sqlite3 connection error


@nick_mortimer @mburgess @jsensharma @emaxwell @egarelnabi @MattWho 

I am new to Nifi and trying to connect to SQLite Database and from there want to fetch

1. List of the tables

2. Table details based on selected tables by users.


But when trying to connect SQLite it is failing throwing an error "Failed to process session due to null" attaching the screenshot of what I did (not able to understand where I am doing mistake) any help will be great.sql_lite_configure_processor.pngsql_lite_controller_service.pngsql_lite_error.png



@nick_mortimer @mburgess @jsensharma @emaxwell @egarelnabi @MattWho 

Hi All,

I was able to solve the above problem (the issue was jar file which I was referring was outdated) but now facing another issue attaching the screenshot of that 




The issue of the above problem which I able to understand is salary & emp_id has bigint as a data type that why it is throwing do not know how to handle it (because users will give database name and table name dynamically through NiFi I am fetching those details) that if I convert it to int/double it is working fine any help will be great