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ssh to VM hdp hortonworks from machine on another network

New Contributor
How can I log in into the VM, via SSH from terminal from a local machine on a different network than the machine hosting the VM?
I am a remote learning MSc student in data-science, my University is using Cloudera: we are on different Countries and I need to log in into the VM from my local machine, which is obviously not in the same network of the university.

ssh username @ IP_Remote_Machine:Port
from my local machine won't find out the remote machine, we are in another network.. 
how to do that?

The way to connect is:
from the browser in my local machine, I launch the remote machine
from the browser of the remote machine, I launch the VM
Currently, I can only work on the VM from the browser of the remote machine.
Instead, what I want to do is to ssh via terminal from my local machine that is in my own network.
ssh username @ IP_Remote_Machine:Port

I read instructions to configure Putty, but  instructions seems for ssh from a machine in the network of the machine hosting the VM.