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unable to uninstall RANGER

Master Collaborator

I have stopped the service and put it in maintenance mode but still if I try to delete it from Ambari nothing happens.'i am using HDP2.5



Master Collaborator

thanks I could remove it .

New Contributor


I need to uninstall Ranger/Ranger KMS 1.2.0, how can I do it?


Neelagandan K

Expert Contributor

@Sami Ahmad @Divakar Annapureddy

if you are using older version of Ambari then you following above mentioned useful links is the best course of action.

Ambari-2.4.0 version has added a new feature for being able to delete service from Ambari UI.

If you are using Ambari-2.4.0 or higher, you can use Ambari UI to delete a service. The action of deleting a service is available under Service Actions delete-service.png

This is more reliable way of deleting a service if using Ambari-2.4.0 (it's the version when feature was addd in the ui) as ui also additionally changes the configs of the cluster when a service is deleted.

For example when deleting a Ranger service, ui will automatically turn off Ranger plugins for all services (done by config changes in respective services) and do any other config change required and then delete Ranger service.

Also this is now more tested way of deleting service. Basically guaranteed way of other services will still remain healthy and not be affected by deleting any partiuclar service.

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