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view queries and results in logs running from hbase api

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I'm planning to use hbase, where i've written code in hbase java api and running query.


Have there any way to check the executed query in logs as well the response from query in logs?




There's no 'single' query tracking in HBase because of its distributed nature (your scan range may boil down into several different regions, hosted and served independently by several different nodes).

Access to data is audited if you enable TRACE level logging on the AccessController class, or if you use Cloudera Navigator Audit Service in your cluster. The audit information will capture the requestor and the kind of request, but not the parameters of the request.

If it is the parameters of your request (such as row ranges, filters, etc.) you're interested in, could you explain what the use-case is for recording it?

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Hey Harsh

Thanks for responding.


As multiple client are requesting data to hbase, at some point, sometimes user don’t get data, EOF exception or connection interruptions occur.

We are not able to track the record of requested data and size of input and output data sending to end user.



Vinay K