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what is difference between ambari-infra and solr?


I install ambari-infra, who can tell me what is difference between ambari infra and solr?


  • ambari-infra is a core service shared across HDP stack components
  • currently (HDP 2.5) , ambari-infra service itself has only one component: a fully managed Apache Solr installation
  • this service is used for indexing by Atlas, Ranger, and Log Search

So, in a nutshell ... ambari-infra is a shared solr service and in the future ambari-infra will add other core services to be shared among stack components.

Note that Ranger and Atlas use ambari-infra by default for indexing, but each can be configured to use an externally managed SolrCloud instance (not ambari-infra).

Super Guru

@Ye Jun

Ambari-infra is SOLR but it used internally by HDP services. Think about where Ranger, Atlas and other services are storing/indexing their data which you are able to search in sub seconds. This is all done in Ambari-Inra which is SOLR.

Ambari-infra is NOT where our customers can store and index their own data. If you have a SOLR use case, you cannot use Ambari-infra. It is not supported. If you want to use SOLR for indexing your data, then you install a separate SOLR service using Ambari (HDP 2.5 and future versions). Link here.

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@Ye Jun Link is cool! Thank you 🙂