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what should be the value for in hdfs-site.xml


hi , I have

<property> <name></name> <value>/hadoop/hdfs/data</value><final>true</final></property

When i cd to /hadoop/hdfs/data , i see below files

[hdfs@xxxxxxxxxx]$ pwd


[hdfs@xxxxxxxxxxx]$ ls -ltr

total 8

-rw-r--r-- 1 hdfs hadoop 43 Jan 19 00:01 in_use.lock

drwxr-xr-x 5 hdfs hadoop 4096 Jan 19 00:01 current

My understand , was , should hold a series of disks values like ‘/u01/hadoop/data, /u02/hadoop/data’ …. where hdfs will store the data. In that case where will be current directory of datanode reside , which holds the VERSION file.


All the HDFS meta directories explained here, hope this helps.

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All the HDFS meta directories explained here, hope this helps.

Super Collaborator
@Jacqualin jasmin can be any directory which is available on the datanode. It can be a directory where disk partitions are mounted like '/u01/hadoop/data, /u02/hadoop/data' which is in case if you have multiple disks partitions to be used for hdfs purpose.


@Jacqualin jasmin, you name any directory on your datanodes as the data directory. Make sure of the permissions and the value of the parameter in HDFS configurations.

e.g. /dev/vdb 1.5T 70M 1.4T 1% /volumes/disk1

after that you will find the VERSION file into the data directory once your HDFS detects the data directory.

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