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CML Backup & Restore is now available on AWS

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Over the last few quarters, more and more of our customers deployed their production workloads on Cloudera Machine Learning. Some of them rely on CML with their predictive maintenance use case, others predict churn or detect fraudulent transactions. The common thing between them is that the ml workloads running on CML are critical for their business’s success.  


The new CML Backup and Restore capability gives you an extra layer of protection by giving you the ability to resume operations in a timely manner following an outage or crisis. Now, administrators can take on-demand backups of CML workspaces before cluster operations like an upgrade and do periodic backups during off-peak hours. Backed-up CML workspaces can be restored into a new CML workspace in the same or a new CDP environment, and all project artifacts like deployed models and applications will be recovered.




The Backup and Restore capabilities are available on AWS today, and we are planning to roll out the same capabilities on Azure in the future. 


To learn more about these new capabilities, visit our documentation