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Cloudera DataFlow for the Public Cloud is now generally available on Microsoft Azure and supports Apache NiFi 1.15


The latest release of Cloudera DataFlow for the Public Cloud (CDF-PC 1.1.0-b127) allows Microsoft Azure users to run their Apache NiFi flows in a cloud-native, Kubernetes based runtime with improved monitoring and auto-scaling capabilities. 


This release also introduces the following new features for both, AWS and Azure customers:

  • Flow Deployments now support the latest Apache NiFi 1.15 release.
  • CDF now creates Kubernetes clusters with version 1.20 in AWS EKS and Azure AKS.
  • CDF now supports username/password authentication for AWS environments with non-transparent proxy setups.
  • When using the Default NiFi SSL Context Service in a flow deployment, the automatically generated truststore now contains the default cacerts from the local JDK. This ensures that the SSL Context Service can be used with 3rd party applications using certificates from common public certificate authorities.
  • Users can now perform the Download Kubeconfig and Manage User Access actions when an enablement request fails. This allows in-depth troubleshooting of a failed enablement attempt.
  • The following ReadyFlows have been added to the ReadyFlow Gallery:
    ADLS to ADLS Avro ReadyFlow
    Kafka to ADLS Avro ReadyFlow

    Check out the Announcement blog post and learn more about the new features in the CDF-PC documentation and take an interactive tour of CDF-PC