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[Preview] Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) support for Apache Iceberg, a cloud native table format for petabyte scale data architectures


Apache Iceberg is a new open table format targeted for petabyte-scale analytic datasets.  It  has been designed and developed as an open community standard to ensure compatibility across languages and implementations.  The integration of Iceberg with CDP's multi-function analytics and multi-cloud platform, provides a unique solution that future-proofs the data architecture for new and existing Cloudera customers.  Users can define and manipulate datasets with SQL commands, build complex data pipelines using features like Time Travel operations, and deploy machine learning models built from Iceberg tables.


By the end of the month, besides using Iceberg with ETL/ELT workloads, we will extend multi-analytic workloads to Iceberg tables in Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) with Hive and Impala for interactive BI and SQL analytics.


This feature is in Preview and available on new CDE services only.  Learn more here