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[PREVIEW] Cloudera Data Warehouse allows custom naming for CDP environments

Cloudera Employee

Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) Public Cloud service enables self-serve creation of independent data warehouses and data marts for teams of business analysts without the overhead of bare metal deployments using "CDP Environments". By default, the names of environments are system generated. Customers who want to customize their environment names to comply with internal naming standards can now do so using this Preview feature.


CDW now provides a “Custom Cluster ID” check box in the environment activation workflow. This brings the following two benefits.  First, it makes the CDW end points, including jdbc/odbc urls, static as long as the environment is around.  That way, users don’t have to change the jdbc/odbc urls in their BI / ETL tools.  Second, even if the environment is updated and the system generated name changes, the user visible custom cluster id masks the underlying changes.  This way, devops scripts can rely on a static name to manage CDW environments that could be changed under the covers.


This feature is currently in Preview and only available by request. To get this feature enabled in your CDP Account, please reach out to your Cloudera sales team.

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