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Re: Problem during installation receiving heartbeat from agent

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Hey Meredith,


The cloudera-scm-agent can't determine what this machine specifically believes its fully-qualified domain name is. The hostname -f queries that, as does the python blurb. Let's resolve that:


Assuming this is a centos/rhel machine, what do you have set in /etc/sysconfig/network for the fully-qualified domain name? It'd also be useful to add in /etc/hosts with the format


IP     FQDN    shortname


Your case has only IP and FQDN. Just ensure the shortname comes last for any entries that have them.


If not centos/rhel, ensure that you set hostname accordingly for your OS, then run those three commands again. Once those all return what's expected (the latter will return both FQDN and IP) we should be in a great place for you to try starting the agent again.

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