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Hello All,


It was because of port conflict with other services running the server (impala daemon backend port be_port) 22000 has conflict on new services installed on linux server.


The strange think is CM shows all "GREEN"  and all the process has been started but when you look at the log file it will show the following error -


+ exec /usr/lib/impala/../../bin/impalad --flagfile=/var/run/cloudera-scm-agent/process/2050-impala-IMPALAD/impala-conf/impalad_flags
E0508 18:20:58.253557 16729] ThriftServer 'backend' (on port: 22000) exited due to TException: Could not bind: Transport endpoint is not connected
E0508 18:20:58.254359 16152] ThriftServer 'backend' (on port: 22000) did not start correctly

please make life easier 🙂



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Who agreed with this solution