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Re: Schema.xml for new collection in CloudEra search

Hey Srini,


When you first created the collection, you ran a command similar to:


- solrctl instancedir --generate $HOME/solr_configs


This command was what created the configs that you imported for solr.  You can see the various configs by running:


- solrctl instancedir --list


Then pick the config that goes with your collection and run:


- solrctl instancedir --get <name_from_list> /path/to/local_fs


Then change the schema.xml in /path/to/local_fs/conf and run:


- solrctl instancedir --update <name_from_list> /path/to/local_fs


Then the schema will get updated.  Note, when you update the schema, you have to reindex all your documents or else they won't have indexes for the latest schema changes.


Hope this helps.




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