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@Eric Richardson By using {USER} instead of {OWNER} you could come up with the following solution:


With the above policy users will be able to:

1. Use database testdb;

2. Users will be able to create tables. With the condition that table names must end in underscore username _{USER}.

2. Show tables that finish with their username only. For example:

show tables;
|   tab_name    |
| t2_falbani    |
| test_falbani  |
## Users wont see any other tables unless another policy grants them permissions

3. Users will have full control over the tables ending in underscore username _{USER} - And won't be able to perform any operations in any other tables unless there is another policy that grants them permissions.

Hopefully this will help you address your requirement. Please let me know if this helps. Also if you found this answer addressed your question, please take a moment to login and click the "accept" link on the answer.


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Who agreed with this solution