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Ranger 1.2 Usersync Bad Credentials

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Ranger 1.2 on HDP 3.1

The usersync process is able to connect to LDAP, pull down expected users. When the usersync attempts to connect to Ranger to add/update those new LDAP users, throws error.

usersync.log shows:

ERROR LdapUserGroupBuilder [UnixUserSyncThread] - sink.addOrUpdateUser failed with exception null, for user: hdfs, groups: [hdfs,hadoop] (and all users for that matter)

WARN PolicyMgrUserGroupBuilder [UnixUserSyncThread] Credentials response from ranger is 401

The xa_portal.log from Ranger Admin shows:

[http-bio-6080-exec-4] INFO ( - Authentication with SHA-256 failed. Now trying with MD5.

[http-bio-6080-exec-4] INFO ( - Login Unsuccessful:rangerusersync | Ip Address x.x.x.x | Bad Credentials

When I login to the Ranger UI with user "rangerusersync" with the known password, I can log in without issue.

Where is it getting (or rather not getting) the credentials for "rangerusersync" after getting the LDAP users successfully when trying to load to Ranger?

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