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transactional tables are not officially supported in CDH. That version if Impala doesn't even know the concept of a transactional table, therefore it doesn't even know that it should reject such tables.


We started to support transactional tables in CDP, but even in CDP Impala the support is limited as the time of writing. You created a so called "full ACID" transactional table. Support for "full ACID" tables is currently under development in Impala. So if you want to read your transactional tables from Impala as well, it's better to create "INSERT-only" transactional tables (with TBLPROPERTIES ('transactional'='true', 'transactional_properties'='insert_only');).


So my advice is not to use transactional tables in CDH, and always check the official documentation of what is supported and what is not. If you want to try out transactional tables you need to use CDP, the newer version the better. But again, note that this functionality is under rapid development in Impala right now.

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Who agreed with this solution