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Re: How do I control the storage allocation with Cloudera Director Client config file?

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The log you sent along seems to be for a different, failed run of the Director client where it couldn't find the configuration file you specified ("./"). There should have been a log generated for the successful run that bootstrapped the cluster you were talking about. It's possible that it was overwritten by a later run, or maybe you installed the client locally via tarball (if so, it's in a logs directory under where you decompressed it)?


The instance type m1.xlarge does come with 4 instance store (ephemeral) volumes of 420 GB each, so what you're seeing is normal for that instance type. Director preserves those volumes and doesn't currently provide a way to resize them. (Also, Director should be naming the devices /dev/sdb through /dev/sde, unless you've configured custom configuration values for lp.ec2.ephemeral.deviceNamePrefix and lp.ec2.ephemeral.rangeStart - the log would show some more information about that.)


If you don't need as much ephemeral storage, then you can try a different instance type - m1.xlarge is an older type and not recommended by AWS anyway.


  • m3.xlarge has the same vCPU count and memory as m1.xlarge (4, 15GB) but only 2 40GB SSD instance stores. It's also cheaper than m1.xlarge, according to AWS docs.
  • The new m4.xlarge has 4 vCPU, 16 GB memory, and does away with instance stores completely.
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