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NIFI: "No available buckets" for saving flow version to nifi registry

New Contributor

Hello all,



Here is our setup:

-set up secure nifi
-set up secure registry
-both on the same machine
-created user in registry with CN=[hostname], OU=NiFi with read right on buckets and proxy user requests enabled
-created Registry client in the nifi instance with https://[hostname]:[port]
-when trying to start version control on a process group, buckets are loading for a split second, then showing -> "no available buckets"
-activated logging on DEBUG level, can see the proxy request, but no authorization
-when listening to the registry port with netstat, we can see registry listening on that port
-when trying to retrieve buckets through nifi, connection is established, but no buckets can be seen



Additional information:
We have created buckets, adding both the admin user and the user which is used for the connection in registry to their policies. 
We encounter no error when trying to retrieve the buckets, neither in the UI nor anywhere in the logs (with highest logging level activated).
We have seen several set up videos and many open threads but the suggested solutions are not solving our problem.
We suspect a permission problem, but are unable to detect the root of the problem
if necessary logs can be provided.

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