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Event Server fails to start
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On both of our CDM5.4 & 5.3 installation the Event Server fails to start. Looking at the log I see the following:


2015-08-20 06:06:08,729 WARN com.cloudera.cmf.event.publish.EventStorePublisherWithRetry: Failed to publish event: SimpleEvent{attributes={ROLE_TYPE=[EVENTSERVER], CATEGORY=[LOG_MESSAGE], ROLE=[mgmt-EVENTSERVER-e1999db7de4fe4b7c2c57898304d3380], SEVERITY=[IMPORTANT], SERVICE=[mgmt], HOST_IDS=[96352548-2978-4364-9db5-8dc03ea649d9], SERVICE_TYPE=[MGMT], LOG_LEVEL=[WARN], HOSTS=[sdlc6407.labs.teradata.com], EVENTCODE=[EV_LOG_EVENT]}, content=Category SERVICE is not ROLE for input role type KMS-KMS., timestamp=1440075968044}


Is there something I've not done correctly in the installation of these two managers? I've looked on the forum and see no other topic that's similiar.


Any advice welcome


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