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Our Cloudera Developer Training for Spark and Hadoop  teaches you everything you need to know for the exam and gives you days worth of hands-on practice. We both train and test the same objectives (although we train on more of course) If you do not wish to take our training or cannot afford it, there are hundreds of free resources on the internet.

For example, if I point my browser to the List of objectives from our website. I then copy the first objective and search on it, I get dozens of free docs and training on the skill.

• Import data from a MySQL database into HDFS using Sqoop
• s qoop.apache.orgdocs on importing data using Sqoop • Importing Data into HDFS using Sqoop
• Video demonstration of user importing data from MySQL to HDFS using Sqoop

And there are dozens more. As the exam page also tells you that you have access to some of these during the exam, I suggest becoming intimate with the those.

If you take some time to search each objective and learn the skill, the exam will be easy. If you don’t want to take the time to learn on your own, and you’re not learning on your job, then training is your answer. This is always true, of all technical skills, not just this one exam. And part of the learning is figuring out which free resources are the best if that’s the route you choose to go, or which paid ones are.

As for the style of question, it’s quite straightforward: for the above objective, you’ll be given the location of a MySQL database on one of the nodes and you’ll be required to use Sqoop to import a portion or all of that data from the MySQL instance we give to the instance of HDFS we give you. It's really that straightforward if you take the time to learn the skills.

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Who agreed with this solution