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how to access the hive tables from spark-shell



I am trying to access the already existing table in hive by using spark shell

But when I run the instructions, error comes "table not found".

e.g. in hive table is existing name as "department" in default database.

i start the spark-shell and execute the following set of instructions.

import org.apache.spark.sql.hive.HiveContext
val sqlContext = new HiveContext(sc)
val depts = sqlContext.sql("select * from departments")

but it coudn't find the table.

Now My questions are:

1. As I know ny using HiveContext spark can access the hive metastore. But it is not doing here, so is there any configuration setup required?  I am using Cloudera quickstart VM 5..5

2. As an alternative I created the table on spark-shell , load a data file and then performed some queries and then exit the spark shell.

3. even if I create the table using spark-shell, it is not anywhere existing when I am trying to access it using hive editor.

4. when i again start the spark-shell , then earlier table i created, was no longer existing, so exactly where this table and metadata is stored and all....

I am very much confused, because accroding to theortical concepts, it should go under the hive metastore.

Thanks & Regards

Who agreed with this topic