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Error "Could not connect to quickstart.cloudera:10000" displayed in Hive Editor
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I downloaded the Cloudera QuickStart VM v.5.5. a couple of days ago.


It seems to work fine except that when I navigated to the Hive Editor, I see the message:

Could not connect to quickstart.cloudera:10000


(I am logged in as the user "cloudera"; this VM is running on a Win 7 host)


So I checked the current configuration of the VM (by clicking on the Hue icon in the upper left corner) and I see these messages (which may be related) under the "Step 1: Check configuration" tab:

Configuration files located in /etc/hue/conf.empty

Potential misconfiguration detected. Fix and restart Hue.

hadoop.hdfs_clusters.default.webhdfs_url Current value: http://localhost:50070/webhdfs/v1
Failed to create temporary file "/tmp/hue_config_validation.9867056700988081108"
Hive Editor The application won't work without a running HiveServer2.


If I click to install the "Hive Editor" under the "Check 2: Examples tab", I get this error:

...Could not connect to quickstart.cloudera:10000 (code THRIFTTRANSPORT): TTransportException...


The messages seems to imply that HiveServer2 is not running, but executing below two lines in the command window...

sudo service hive-server2 stop

sudo service hive-server2 start me the below messages but does not resolve the problem:

Stopped Hive Server2:                                      [  OK  ]

Started Hive Server2 (hive-server2):                       [  OK  ]


So I took a look at the "hue.ini" file located in /etc/hue/conf.empty; the configuration settings for hive connectivity (under the [beeswax] section) are:



Above seemed correct (considering that the Firefox browser on this VM is able to connect to Hue through the socket "quickstart.cloudera:8888").


However trying to connect by executing these lines in a command window...


!connect jdbc:hive2://localhost:10000 hive cloudera org.apache.hive.jdbc.HiveDriver


(The "hive"/"cloudera" credentials are taken from hive-site.xml) me the error: Connection refused (state=08S01,code=0)


It looks like the reason for the error is that nothing is listening on port 10000, as at least the command...

sudo netstat -tulp | grep :100


...does not show anything listening on port 10000.


Any thoughts on how to solve this issue?

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